Home Care Packages

We design the perfect Home Care Package for you based on what you want and need to live well at home. That could be anything from assisting you with personal care, such as showering and dressing, to domestic care like gardening and home maintenance, and making sure you get to medical appointments and your weekly zumba exercise class. We can also help you with specific tasks for shorter or longer periods, for example learning to use a computer and get online. To give you an idea of what a package can do for you, here are some of the services we provide for clients:

(To apply for a Home Care Package, contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 (free call number). After you have been assessed and allocated a package (high or low needs), MCCI will provide you with the services and support you need.)

Home & Garden Proud

  • House keeping (cleaning, washing, paying bills, shopping & meal preparation)
  • Garden care (lawn mowing, gardening)
  • Home maintenance (general maintenance and repairs)
  • Pet care (feeding, exercising)

They make a good team, Ercan and Hatica. They do everything together. When they could not visit their home country, Turkey, because of the coronavirus pandemic, they knew that they could do with some extra help at home. With MCCI looking after the lawn mowing, they now have more time to enjoy what matters most, each other, the bird Pamuk and their beautiful garden which keeps them active and provides them with fresh vegetables.

Healthy Mind & Body

  • Personal care (showering, dressing, medication management)
  • Healthy eating (Meals on Wheels, home food delivery, shopping & meal preparation, diabetes plan)
  • Healthy body (gentle movements, physiotherapy, podiatry)
  • Healthy mind (creative activities, games, reading, use of technology, companionship)







“Now that’s a shower”, John says. Care worker Zigi assists John with care twice a week, helping him showering and cleaning the house.

MCCI has also arranged gardening and renovation of the bathroom to make it more accessible for John and his wife.

“MCCI has been absolutely fantastic. I didn’t know such a service existed. It has taken a lot of stress off me and also provided some security for my mum”, says John's son Jerry.

Out & About

  • Appointments & activities (medical, social, spiritual)
  • Shopping
  • Social Groups (online classes at the moment because of COVID-19)
  • Transport (taxi vouchers)







“I have respite and it means a tremendous amount to me, and I’ll tell you why, because I have become very close to Stefana. I don’t care if you are 83 or 93 or dying, you still need people in your life and you need to learn to know them. That’s how I feel about it. She is a precious person to me and so is the organisation”, says Marlene.

MCCI’s care worker Stefana makes it easier for Marlene, who has had a long career teaching music, to maintain her active life and passion for music as she drives her to the local aged care facility to play piano for the residents and to give a twelve year old boy nearby piano lessons. Together they visit the library, go shopping, attend appointments, drink coffee and go for walks on the beach.

Respite & Support

  • Flexible respite (day/overnight at home, for carers to have a break)
  • Carer support (support, resources and planning)
  • Social group (Memory Support Group)







“Fong has made a big difference. She is fantastic. I put her on a pedestal. It’s Fong just being Fong. Rose likes to sing and dance. The music is on all the time. They sing and dance together, look at magazines and joke around”, says Leonard.

MCCI care worker Fong is assisting his wife Rose with personal care seven days a week. She has lost her ability to speak and seeing her smile and laugh with Fong, makes Leonard feel better and more relaxed because the support enables him to care for her.

“It gives her some kind of quality of life. It helps me a lot mentally”, says Leonard.

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