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Established in 1975, MCCI delivers services to and represents the interests of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) in the Illawarra, ACT and Queanbeyan.

Our services include aged care, youth development, community capacity building, volunteering, and training and we are proud to be a dynamic organisation that represents the ever changing needs of our community.

Our essential in-home care and allied health services continue to operate in COVIDSafe ways during the pandemic. Other programs, such as social groups and youth football, are suspended or continue in limited form online. Contact us for more information.

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Diversity Insclusion Respect

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MCCI aims to change the world in a positive way for the Culturally & Linguistically diverse community in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and ACT. We know the challenges facing the CALD communities is ongoing but we believe that if you donate you really can make a difference by becoming a monthly donor. We need you, We are living in challenging times, but we believe in equity of opportunity and know that it can’t wait.

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Do you share a passion for working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities? Are you committed to an inclusive society that embraces, celebrates, and values diversity? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then we’d love to hear from you. As a community-based organisation, we are committed to developing stronger relationships, programs, and services with others who want to collaborate and work with us.

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Partner with us

Our many generous partners, including businesses have an incredible impact on multicultural families that we support. Working together we can achieve measurable social impact through shared value, capacity building and cause-driven programs. On behalf of all of the communities we support, we thank our corporate partners for their solidarity.

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“I liked the ethnic background of the presenter because there is too much talking about topics as sensitive as this by others who haven’t experienced it”

Ron de Jongh, CEO of Grand Pacific Health, about MCCI’s Culturally Responsive Service Delivery Training.

“Meeting people makes me happier than sitting at home”

Pero, from the former Yugoslavia, attends the Baltic support group and two different Serbian groups. He is picked up by MCCI’s community bus in the morning and brought back home in the afternoon.

“It gives me a chance to exercise my brain instead of staying home and do nothing. Actually, it was my wife that recommended nearly four years ago to work at the Men’s Shed.”

Peter, originally from Macedonia, has attended the Multicultural Men’s Shed at Coniston for nearly four years.

“Hilda never gives up. If she can’t do something she tries to do it differently. That’s what I like about her. She finds a way.”

Hilda came from Steinheim, Germany, to Australia in 1952. She receives MCCI in-home services twice a week. Christina, of Greek background, is her In-home Support Worker.

“You would be mad not to get them! I would not change the meals for anything”

Trevor has enjoyed more than 1700 meals, 700 soups and 700 sweets from MCCI’s Meals on Wheels Service since 2011.

“I like her smile, passion, everything. She is a good person, and good for me because I can be cranky. I wait for her on Mondays when she comes over. We go out, do shopping and have lunch together. Then she takes me home. Life is short, you got to have it the best”

Mara followed her husband from Rome, Italy, to Corrimal in 1958. She has received MCCI in-home care services since December. Suzana, of Croatian background, is her In-home Support Worker.

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