Accelerate Her

Accelerate HER focuses on leadership development and empowerment education of young women from multicultural backgrounds in the Illawarra. It encourages young women to pursue education outcomes and economic, social, and community-participation pathways.

The program supportively challenges cultural stereotypes that many young women from CALD backgrounds face with a view to:

  • building greater self-awareness of each participants’ inherent strengths and resilience,
  • developing new skills to quip young women to navigate employment and community pathways,
  • mentoring support with existing women’s networks and role models for ongoing learning and personal growth

Girls who have been through the program report increased self-awareness of their inherent strengths and knowledge of their capabilities to pursue pathways to achieve goals and aspirations.

This program had a big impact on the girls who attended. As a result of information and skills developed during the course, students from refugee backgrounds have been able to network, obtain employment opportunities, and mature dramatically in their self-awareness and confidence.
Teacher- Wollongong High School