Links to Learning

The Links To Learning program aims to provide students from non-English speaking backgrounds with additional assistance and support to offset any learning barriers due to language or cultural difficulties, which they may face.

The program, which is delivered two days per week (Tuesday and Wednesday) during school hours, focuses on communication skills, developing positive self-esteem, language and living skills, career and educational pathways along with a 'next step' towards career goals.

Encouragement, support and information are provided to students to assist them to remain in school, move into training, apprenticeships or secure employment. This program funded by the Department of Education and Communities.


The Links to Learning LOTE (Language Other Than English) program operates out of the Lake Illawarra Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC). It caters for 60 students from six local high schools: Lake Illawarra High, Oak Flats High, Wollongong High, Warrawong High, Illawarra Sports High and Figtree High Schools.

Links to Learning is a Community Grants Program, and assists young people at school aged 12 to 24 years who are at risk of leaving school early. It provides them with a range of opportunities to remain in or re-enter mainstream education and training.

The aim of the program is to assist young people to remain in or return to education or training. The program undertakes innovative and creative activities with young people in informal learning settings, and assists the young people to create possible pathways for further education and training.

The community-based approach for implementation of the Links to Learning project means that organisations develop local strategies to best meet the needs of local young people.

The community setting of the projects takes learning away from the classroom and places it in a context that is most appropriate to meet the need of the target group.

The project delivers innovative and creative packages of activities to motivate young people who are no longer engaged in or are leaving the formal education and training system.

The Links to Learning LOTE program provides / incorporates packages of education and training activities to develop key skills and abilities to assist them to make informative choices for their future activities include:

  • Personal planning – Goal setting - Time and resource management – Communication
  • Learning to learn – Processing information – Problem solving – Cross-cultural communication
  • Developing cultural understanding – Career development and pathway planning


For more information please contact:
Bec Collins, Youth Support Leader, on 02 4229 7566
Storm Johnstone, Youth Support Worker, on 02 4229 7566
Allyson Pazos, Youth & Community Manager, on 02 4229 7566